Purple Haze (A first draft short story : Part 1 )

The streets were empty, and the lights were dim. It was a long chilly summer night. The sky was dark with small diamond infinite holes shimmering and whispering to each other the secrets of the universe. There she was sitting behind her room’s window staring at the full moon and imagining the distance between Earth and space being shortened by her long hopeful stares. She would touch the moon and feel it’s coldness surround her. Music was played in her head. The tracks were shuffled by her mind.They preferred silence , but her inner mind longed for loudness. She always heard herself singing loudly inside her mind. The voice inside her would destroy the walls of repression and silence.
He was gone for good. There was no coming back. She got stuck in the middle of hanging on and moving on. Sleepless nights, hungry souls and endless yearnings for him to magically appear out of no where and embrace her forever. Luna grew sicker each and every troublesome empty night. She missed herself when he was around. In her bed, she gasped suddenly as she endeavored his memory in her sleep. Six days have passed, and Luna was still aching, suffering and replaying the last minutes they had together. She knew clearly that she had lost him and she could do nothing to win him back for he no longer could stand her recklessness and her capricious self. Luna hurt him several times. The commitment and true love always set her off running the other direction in fear of getting crushed eventually. She left him twice before due to her insecurities and volatile state, but the whole time she was away, her love for him only grew more than before. However, Luna’s lover couldn’t continue with such a precarious relation.
On the seventh day, Luna was left alone in her house. She bought a lot of liqueur in all different kinds. Luna’s lover hated alcohol and she never drank while she was with him. However, she suddenly felt the need to drink endlessly. She began drinking red wine while listening to some psychedelic rock music. Luna finished drinking the whole bottle and started taking off her clothes while preparing vodka shots. Being naked around the house was one of her favorite things as well as other things. The music was loud, sharp and intensive. Her heart beats started racing, and she began dancing hysterically to the music. Luna felt free for the couple of hours she drank and danced in. Despite feeling relieved somehow, Luna needed some company. She loathed her lonesome. Little did she know that the drinking was just the beginning for her.
The things people do just to get away from their troubles, imprisoning thoughts and even their whole entire lives are impulsively remarkable. Luna was closely familiar to suicide attempts, dark thoughts and startling actions, but she could have never anticipate what would happen to her later on in life. People make their own destiny, and fate doesn’t really exist. Such beliefs were embraced by Luna. She only believed in life and wasn’t keen on the mystical existence of a higher force that controls the universe. Luna was a free spirited beautiful creature, but nevertheless lost and erratic. She took a break from contemplating about existence, life, death and most of all her heartache and the love of her life. She wanted to break free from all the intensive wars that took place in her mind and heart, but also to go through a journey of exploration of all the hidden parts in her self and psyche. Luna believed in the human essence, the unknown powerful parts in the brain and psyche. She experienced her first trip on LSD or Lysergic acid diethylamide, alone, on the eighth day.

To Be Continued


Copyright 2013

All rights reserved, Asmaa Lotfy


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