The Little Garden

I have a mango tree

in my little garden

The grass is green

The flowers are white

And a small can trash

full of pepsi diet


Worms live in the soil

Birds eat the worms

Cats hunt the birds

And dogs chase the cats

A never ending cycle of life


An Indian Jasmine tree

salutes me graciously

with Jasmine every

serene summer night.



In the afternoon,

the garden blooms its essence

through the water that

rushes through the roots and leaves

generously making its way through mud

caressing the jasmine and rosemary

unconditional joy fills the place

and the scent of wet mud

fills my lungs completely

and I feel euphoric,

out of this world.

In my little garden.



5 thoughts on “The Little Garden

  1. Talicha J. says:

    this was very easy to create a picture for as I read. I could practically smell the wet mud. thanks for sharing!

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