Heart Ashes

Through darkness, we can see ourselves clearly

The reflection is undeniably obvious

with all our perfections and imperfections

scrubbing against humanity’s limitations


By the corner of a four walled room

You can see me

By the edges of your torn soul

You can envision me

Making sculptures of heart ashes

Floating in a mind full of spaces

I’d invite your being in,

but they don’t like your insistence


Let me hear your skin talk to mine.

Whispering every prayer is always divine.

let your voice touch mine and

sink through an endless melody

of thoughts and dreams.


She saw herself painting with

infinite rainbows and sparkling crystals

while kissing the entities of his brain.

She’d make trembling words out of liquid stamps

and wave to Lucy who suddenly put on

her velvet dress and hipster dance.

The room is expanding sucking her in the

total senseless subconsciousness.


His voice is calling her like air particles

making love to the ocean’s waves.

She only exists when she is torn apart.


Do you know about sore throats ?

Painful realities demolished through glass cuts?

Or maybe those colorful nails and frenzy boots?

People wearing shiny pearls and marvelous coats

while hanging from ropes and leaving purple toes?

And babies made of ecstatic demonic fluid and marble stones

While minds made of green sights and black holes

But the hearts are always made out of emptiness and rainbow ashes.




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