Imprints and Footsteps

Tomorrow is the today I delayed
Today is the painful time I have to endure
Blue rosemary and coffee trees
I’m through with your existence
I’ve seen my colorful tears once before
Right after the emptiness I had to endure

Have you seen those huge imprints
over fingertips and footsteps?
Your smile is enough to build a
whole graveyard.
Give up the trust, take in all the stardust,
and give in to your goosebumps.
I’d like to see you jump over
a cliff or a building someday
Watch your blood splattered body and
brain covering the ground and cuddling it
instead of my shivering body.
I’d like to kill you sometimes
and make you choke on purple feathers.
I’ll take you slowly and lure you in
towards the inner caves of mystic dwellings.
Don’t go too wild though
”Wait for it”, they say
Wait for it until your corpse
The lights will stink just for you.
The sky will leak just for you.
And I will caress your vocal cords
with my own bare hands.




Remember when we were both heroes on our own isolated Utopian world ?
Our bodies were nothing but suits covering our essence and
our souls matched perfectly . Do you remember ?
The long distance, the long days and the long hours
feeding our unbearable longing even more. Remember ?
The fights, anger and absolute rage and frustration
blowing in each other’s faces and saying the most
painful things. Remember the pain of disappearing ?
Our virtual kisses, hugs, moons, suns and planets.
We made love in my dreams every night. Did I tell you this before?
Our haven was the sea and winter,
and our voice and whispers.
The 21st was the best.
The first last hug was the most shattering and heart breaking
I wished I’d die while you were touching me right there
The begging, promises and lost hope and vanishing trust
The foggy, humid, crowded streets and your tall figure
and the final look of despair.
I wanted to hold your hands and tell you everything will be
Do you remember ? Do you not want to remember ? Or,
have you forgotten already ?
I know for sure that I’ll never forget.
And any other soul wouldn’t be the same.
I’ll always look for you through poems
and try to reach you through my dreams.
I’ll meditate over your smile
for it will bring my world back together.


Copyright 2013

All rights reserved, Asmaa Lotfy

Pink Eyes

My walls are breathing.

I can hear every inhale

and exhale.

The texture is soft,

and apples aren’t always

bright on the inside.

I have restored their bodies

hanging quietly

on every side

staring silently at

my empty


Pink eyes

Immortal wickedness

and shameless desires.

The walls never judge

Never betray

Never hold a grudge.

Mother hates them

she despises our


Mother tore us apart.

Painted the walls

destroyed the cards.


we are immortal.Image

Copyright 2013

All rights reserved, Asmaa Lotfy

A Lulaby for My Love

Baby let’s go for a walk

when the world is cold

and the minds are old.

Hold my hand when you’re lost

I’ll show you the way

No matter what it costs.

Baby we’ll ride bicycles

all day long

I’ll let you have all the

sugar cubes that

you want.

Baby I’ll collect for you

all the unheard and unseen


I’ll caress and know the path

to all your known and unknown


When you kiss me

I’ll make sure

our existence is pure

and our shadows

will endure

all our thoughts.

Baby lets go for a walk

our souls are not sold

Baby lets go for a walk

cause you’ll always be my


and I’ll love you the



Copyright 2013

All rights reserved, Asmaa Lotfy


A complex line of thought


My only companion

who graciously

prompted my steps

to a heavenly situated mind.

”After a good while of isolation she put on some eye liner and simple clothes and went to buy something from the store and the sales person was stunned by her looks even though she thought she looked ordinary and messy. He got so nervous and dropped the money while still trying to delve into her wide shiny eyes. She left leaving him in awe.”

The room is filled with invisible shapes.

A ceiling with pink lips and hands.

Their photos are alive.

The craves and sights filling

her head and leaving

the body weary .

”Why does he think that giving in is weakness and not out of desire and pleasure? She took advantage of him.”

What difference does sleep make

when the mind never sleeps

and the body is always awake

The stars are scarce and the

moon is penetrating the sphere

in a cosmic infinite union.

Copyright 2013

All rights reserved, Asmaa Lotfy