A complex line of thought


My only companion

who graciously

prompted my steps

to a heavenly situated mind.

”After a good while of isolation she put on some eye liner and simple clothes and went to buy something from the store and the sales person was stunned by her looks even though she thought she looked ordinary and messy. He got so nervous and dropped the money while still trying to delve into her wide shiny eyes. She left leaving him in awe.”

The room is filled with invisible shapes.

A ceiling with pink lips and hands.

Their photos are alive.

The craves and sights filling

her head and leaving

the body weary .

”Why does he think that giving in is weakness and not out of desire and pleasure? She took advantage of him.”

What difference does sleep make

when the mind never sleeps

and the body is always awake

The stars are scarce and the

moon is penetrating the sphere

in a cosmic infinite union.

Copyright 2013

All rights reserved, Asmaa Lotfy



2 thoughts on “A complex line of thought

  1. hansales1088 says:

    !!!!!! This is pure genius!

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