Imprints and Footsteps

Tomorrow is the today I delayed
Today is the painful time I have to endure
Blue rosemary and coffee trees
I’m through with your existence
I’ve seen my colorful tears once before
Right after the emptiness I had to endure

Have you seen those huge imprints
over fingertips and footsteps?
Your smile is enough to build a
whole graveyard.
Give up the trust, take in all the stardust,
and give in to your goosebumps.
I’d like to see you jump over
a cliff or a building someday
Watch your blood splattered body and
brain covering the ground and cuddling it
instead of my shivering body.
I’d like to kill you sometimes
and make you choke on purple feathers.
I’ll take you slowly and lure you in
towards the inner caves of mystic dwellings.
Don’t go too wild though
”Wait for it”, they say
Wait for it until your corpse
The lights will stink just for you.
The sky will leak just for you.
And I will caress your vocal cords
with my own bare hands.



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