I long for him and I dream of him every single night !


Remember when we were both heroes on our own isolated Utopian world ?
Our bodies were nothing but suits covering our essence and
our souls matched perfectly . Do you remember ?
The long distance, the long days and the long hours
feeding our unbearable longing even more. Remember ?
The fights, anger and absolute rage and frustration
blowing in each other’s faces and saying the most
painful things. Remember the pain of disappearing ?
Our virtual kisses, hugs, moons, suns and planets.
We made love in my dreams every night. Did I tell you this before?
Our haven was the sea and winter,
and our voice and whispers.
The 21st was the best.
The first last hug was the most shattering and heart breaking
I wished I’d die while you were touching me right there
The begging, promises and lost hope and vanishing trust
The foggy, humid, crowded streets…

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