Love Stains

I’ve packed my belongings, went away
No home to call mine, and I still pray
My traces are left every time I move.
I thought you were my holy home
Like doll houses blown by wind
Disappearing not to be found.
My back, knees and soul hurt
Too much baggage to move
Alone, my stuff fell on the ground
Holding many bags, I tried gathering
them from the street and felt dead.
What’s left of my love
is like period blood stains
stone and pure red tears.
I stained my soul with my lies
Hope always feels like a postponed
need to take a piss
You hold it in as much as you can
Faking being comfortable
Until your bladder explodes.
Every organ inside me is stained
Betrayed by my own self
For believing in you.
Stay in your ugly fortress
Escape, and leave everything behind
Burn your old self to the ground
You are beyond repair
I don’t believe in you anymore