Bored Till Death

Death is a beautiful woman
drenched in blue velvet
while smoking green
in the afternoon.

Death loves black cats
bare skin and constant
colorful melodies and
tunes .

Her red lipstick on the wall
Sweet traces of sweat and tears
Untouched sand and seashores
Red blood moon and a call.

Death is a tight palm tree skirt
And a vintage scarf over her neck
loud screams and several whispers
through the long morning hours.

Death is long lonely summer nights
powdery soft ivory kisses
infinite space within four walls
playful sea lions in the air.

Death is my boredom filling
my empty room and bed
writing on the wall:
”bored till death”
I might as well die

Death is not being
there together.

Copyright 2014

All rights reserved, Asmaa Lotfy


Red Sky

I don’t know about today
or tomorrow or
after tomorrow
Vagueness spreads over
meaningless calenders
and untouchable changing

We are only wasting time
floating over naked mattresses
painting the unknown
Embracing light and fearing
darkness as it takes me away.

I don’t care if I turn into ashes
tomorrow or disappear through
my sleep tonight.
I won’t mind dissolving through
air and a red sky.

Mud and dark fall scent
over repetitive morning coffee
and stale cigarettes with
old foolish spirits.

She writes out of boredom
out of erotic tendencies
slipping through her mind
like black silk undergarments
and gods kissing swiftly through
different dimensions and worlds.

She changes with different seasons
not knowing what to expect
losing and gaining silence
and in between:
she feels everything and she feels
losing some of her braincells
and hurting her ability to

Staying any longer
will only destroy than
Too much suffocation.

Running out of time.

Copyright 2014

All rights reserved, Asmaa Lotfy

More Than a Sponge Bob T-shirt

Saw him more often in the sun light
Got back to her anarchy in the cellophane
Covering their selves with screams and tunes.

Time only exists when they’re apart
Mazzy again and again and again
watching the truthful purple color
take it’s place gracefully upon her.

An offending delinquency seen by
Harmony and calmness floating
in space surrounding them.

It’s more than a Sponge Bob T-shirt
It’s everything

A heated stimulation of eternal minds

and hearts.

She breathes in tranquility
when there’s peace of mind.
Nothing is known about
tomorrow or after tomorrow.

It’s more than a Sponge Bob T-shirt
It’s everything

with a rabbit-like stone hidden closely

near her blue heart.
Together, colors will taste
as good as they ever been.

Purple Love

In the desolate room

A room with a view

Of cigarettes and jazz

Rainbow smoke

Purple Love

Smelling like the sixties

Watching carefully

In anticipation

A 5 minute escape

Turns into 5 centuries

Ends in 5 seconds

Purple Love

Saraghina dances with

Her black eyes and curves

Saraghina watches

Two bodies entwined

With words and tunes.

Purple Love only

Exists in that room

Purple Love disappears

After a few days.

Her heart explodes

Inside him and

She fades slowly

Leaving air mingling

With her hair and

Caressing her soul.

Purple Love,

I wish you’d stay

Forever purple

Never turn blue.



I’m burning

Hotter than the Earth’s core

Warmer than the sun

My cheeks are glowing

My lips are red

My bones are chattering with

Orange haze heat

No sweat, no exit

Hair is burning

Into ashes

Splitting the air

Into smoke and fire

I’m a walking smoke cloud

The fire within me awaits

The fire inside my flesh

The fire

Melting itself

The blue fire turns me on

It keeps staring at my eyes

Glaring, still waiting.

Waiting to grow

Feed on skin

Eat me inside out.

Her colorful twin resides

Another galaxy.

Orange leaves lying


Red, green and grey too

Sisters of the growing fire

The woods are burning up

Just like my shadow across

The invisible ice

Copyright 2013

All rights reserved, Asmaa Lotfy


Blue Velvet

I’m choking
on myself
on my skin, my bones, my blood, my brain cells, my whispers, my cries, my dreams, on the World.
I can’t breath
There is something holding the air inside my lungs pushing my spinal cord into my near ephemeral end.
Ay c-a-n-n-o-t ..,,

The blue velvet eyeshadow was smugged by my tears the other day as my frustration over juice showed.
It was smugged over again by my silent cries when she hugged me over flowers and happiness untold.
The blue velvet eyeshadow
The never ending fake glow
stopped by the most famous volcano in the Vtopia district of natural made souls full of unstable feelings and emotions waiting to explode making the long waited desired eruption.

It’s ok to cry.
No one will understand anyway.
It’s ok to cry.


Copyright 2013

All rights reserved, Asmaa Lotfy


Thank You

Thank you for bringing me to this life, unwillingly, having no choice


Thank you for planting in my head your beliefs, customs and traditions


Thank you for raising me according to your lost childhood dreams


Thank you for giving me food, shelter, education all inside a box


Thank you for panicking about my teenage years by telling me


not to touch my vagina as my husband is the only person who should.


Thank you for always underestimating me and confining me to certificates and degrees.
Thank you for promising me freedom if only I make a good image of the family.
Thank you for lying to me all the time.
Thank you for my childhood memories where I was beaten by a leather belt every time I do a mistake or misunderstand something while studying.


Thank you for forcing me to hate my body image when I was only 5
Thank you for telling me I was too thin and then too fat


Thank you for all the support you gave me when I was struggling to understand who I was.
Thank you for not appreciating all my efforts


Thank you for always making me feel guilty when I think of my own needs and dreams.
Thank you for always reminding me of my gender and limits of your society and your religion.
Thank you for panicking and shouting at me when I had a conversation with you about god and religion.
Thank you for making me realize who I really am.
Thank you for enlightening me with the real truth without you even realizing it.
Thank you for threatening to throw me out of the house and stop giving me money if I keep disobeying you.
Thank you for always telling me I’m ugly and no one would want me.
Thank you for always fighting with her and inflicting pain upon me.
Thank you for pushing me to the edge .
Thank you for making me distorted, gasping for understanding but always from the wrong people.
Thank you for not keeping me in mind.
Thank you for not coming to my graduation.
Thank you for panicking whenever I have a phone call.
Thank you for always calling me whenever I’m not at home.
Thank you for not trusting me on your special hymen.
Thank you for everything you ever did for me.
Thank you for always reminding me of the thing you’ve done for me.
Thank you . Thank you. And thank you .